PIXEL 2 | What to expect?

Pixel, 1st Gen.

Pixel, the phone ‘made by google’ was a big hit last year. It was the first official smartphone from google. Pixel and Pixel XL can be safely considered as one among the best android smartphones of last year.
After how brilliantly the first generation of the pixel smartphone lineup performed spec and performance wise, its gonna be really interesting to know how the next generation of this line up will hold up in a densely competitive market of smartphones.
Google Event 2017,

The 2017 event from google is scheduled on October 4th 2017. We can expect to see a lot of exciting announcements from Google like Pixel 2nd Gen., High end Chromebooks, DaydreamVR. updates, Google Home mini, Android Oreo etc.. But my real interest lies in the new pixel 2nd gen. lineup. There have been plenty of leaks already online on various websites and blogs.

Pixel 2nd Gen.,

Google have teased their next gen. smart phone by a short video clip.
It doesn’t give out much, but I can easily say that this is going to be very big and special for google and also for tech. enthusiasts around the world. A YouTuber named MrWhoseTheBoss insights us on the leaks and rumors on the pixel 2nd gen. you can watch the video here.
In the video, Arun gives an insight on the new pixel smartphones and some leaks. It seems, there is a leak that, google will be releasing 3 new pixel phones for this year namely,
If this happens, pixel range will be directly on par with the Apple’s iPhone 8/8+/X. However, we are not quite sure that something like this will happen.
What to legitimately expect ?

Many websites like Android Authority, DroidLife etc.. have put out some trustworthy leaks. According to which  Pixel 2 XL will be a larger phone than Pixel 2 similar to last year.
Both phones will be IP 67 water resistant.
Both phones would have a ‘SQUEEZE’ feature similar to what we saw on the HTC U11.
Google has been rumored to also ditch the Headphone jack like many other companies, instead allowing the USB Type C to be habituated to the consumers.
Both phones are rumored to have that near ‘bezel less’ display following the #2017 trend for smartphones.
Both phones would be getting brand new Cameras with optical image stabilization [ois].
Both phones will of course be rolling out with the brand new ANDROID ‘OREO’ os.
Maybe we would see stereo speakers on the new flagships by google. But, anything cant be totally guaranteed until the Google I/O.
So, basically this is the google I/O you don’t wanna miss!
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