What exactly are ‘Black Holes’?

Black holes

Time travel, intergalactic travel, aliens…we are humans. We are curious about things around us. We dream. We learn. We create. But, as I always say, interstellar space is a weird place. Sometimes, its beyond our capability to perceive and understand. They convince us that there are things which are impossible in this universe. Among many of such things, are BLACK HOLES.

So, what exactly do we know about black holes? Well, we know very less about them. And even though we know very less about these things, it would be almost impossible to cover everything about black holes in a single article even in brief. So, there would probably be a sequel to this article. Okay then, lets begin!

What are Black Holes and how are they formed?

black holes formationStars! They are born, they have a life span, they have their death just like living creatures. Stars aren’t so friendly when it comes to reality. They are giant, hot bodies which burn no. of gases like hydrogen, helium etc. and constantly give out unimaginable amounts of radiations, heat and energy throughout their life span.

So, when these gases are exhausted. The star grows big into forming a hot red giant. Then the whole mass of the star collapses with speeds greater than 20,000 km/h!
And the star turns itself into a supernova. This supernova is the whole mass of that star compressed into a tiny space. So, it would have the same gravity as the star itself but, it is waaaaay smaller. Now, when a supernova collapses, then it leads to a formation of a black hole! A black hole is just a huge amount of mass compressed into a tiny spot.

That’s why black holes have extreme gravity. So much gravity that they don’t even allow light particles to pass through them! Yep. And it’s so powerful, that it can warp space time!

Illustration of a possible black hole..

Fun Fact : The size of earth should be compressed to a size of a pea grain to form a black hole!

Can you imagine something like that? Now let the fact digest a little bit! So, this was kind of an introductory article/teaser. Stay tuned for the sequel for this article and I’ll try to go a bit deeper! Until then, question you existence!

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