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Hi, my name is Md. Raashid Ali. I am the author of TechVorilla. I am a normal guy if you find me somewhere on the streets. Not that I go outside and walk on streets very often. But, when I am the editorial of this blog, I surf between the clouds of my ardour for science and technology. I try to share with the world my experiences as I go through the vast innovations and new ground breaking concepts in the fields of science and technology. There are many people like me who are hungry to know the latest tech. updates like zombies. You can count me among them! And, that’s why I write this blog to quench my thirst of sharing technology with people.

Who I am..

I am an Indian Teenager. Yes, I go to High School like everybody is forced by themselves to do in this world to have a “y = constant” future. So, yeah technically I am also a student. I write the blog as one of my hobbies and I really enjoy doing it. I have recently started writing articles on TechVorilla.

How many authors do you have ?

As of now, I am the one and only author for Techvorilla. Anyone interested to write for TechVorilla, contact me! ↓↓↓. Here, you can start by submitting a Guest post  .

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